Real Regrets: The Caroline Peatree Gibbs Series


Interior Color:Black & White
Dimensions:US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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After her husband has a near-death experience, LeeAnn struggles to handle what life is throwing at her. She is trapped between loving a man and loving herself, and her best friend, Tiffany, is upset with LeeAnn for even trying to choose. LeeAnn isn’t the only one with choices to make. Caroline finds herself trying to navigate the consequences of past decisions that have left her in a state of regret and confusion. Both women paint a perfect picture of what happens when the mind and the heart are at war. Such madness will put them both at the front door of death. Will they answer? Real Regrets is the second novella in The Caroline Peatree Gibbs Series written by Lexcee Reel. The first book in the CPG Series is entitled, “Accidents of Attraction.” Don’t you dare read this book without reading that one first, or you will “regret” it!


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