Reel News

April 8, 2018 Lexcee Reel releases her debut novel Accidents of Attraction June 1, 2018. It is the first novel within the Caroline Peatree Gibbs series.

March 26, 2020 Lexcee Reel is known for her Caroline Peatree Gibbs novella series, but she is up to something new these days! She just released her first poetry chapbook entitled “Birthing Me.” Reel calls this a celebration of self with each section of the book centered around the things she has birthed in her lifetime: emotion, will, children, men and self. She warns readers that this is just a teaser for what is to come. “I don’t want people to box me into just one genre. God gave me many talents, and I intend to use them all!” Reel plans to follow up this chapbook with a full collection of poetry. When? That’s for her to know and for you to find out!