Lexcee Reel, the founder and CEO of Lexcee Reel Industries, is an American writer and producer best known for her inspirational stage-plays,  cliff-hanging novellas, her simple poetry and her socially-conscious, self-help non-fiction. To date, she has written and produced several works that span a myriad of genres all steeped in one of three overarching goals: to make people laugh, to help them learn or to provide a place for them to lean. Whether fiction or nonfiction, Reel finds a way to put life into perspective by framing it with either a moral or Godly compass.

Her first play debuted in Wilson, NC in 2007 at Sallie B. Howard School of the Arts. Since then, her work has publicly graced stages all across Eastern North Carolina and Washington D.C. When her work debuted at the Black Theater Festival, it personally touched the hearts of unsuspecting audience members prompting them to reach out to Reel and explain how her stage play caused them to confront battles with alcoholism or to mend relationships with family members. She truly believes that this is what her work is all about — help and healing.

Born and raised in Bailey, NC, Lexcee started winning awards early on for her writing, and each acknowledgement pushed her further into her destiny and deeper into her purpose.

Reel’s writing has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul on more than one occasion.  Aside from creation, Reel is a true advocate of helping those in the community. She and her company have strategically planned how to give back and make a difference for causes that surround poverty, education, literacy, and violence against women, children and the elderly. It is her goal to support communities of color who are often marginalized by providing them with the tools and resources desperately needed to succeed.

The name Lexcee Reel is a pseudonym used by the author to create a separate space in the world for all of her creative endeavors.